Welcome!     We look forward to seeing you at the 10th World Merino Conference in Montevideo, Uruguay, 7th-15th April, 2018

As the official tour operator for Australians to travel to and from the conference, Swagman have created a range of package options to streamline the booking process.

Click here for the itinerary:         10WMC_ITINERARY

Click here to register:         10WMC_REGISTER

Please send your completed booking form to Swagman Tours:
scan and email to      alyson@swagmantours.com.au
or       fax to              (03) 5223 1047
or       post to       PO Box 7473, Geelong West VIC 3218

If you have any questions at all, please call Alyson on 1800 808 491 or (03) 522 22 855, or email alyson@swagmantours.com.au