wish I was back there…

Hi Treacey,  I had a fantastic time and wish I was back there –  all of the tours were good value I thought.  Hired numerous cars in SA and was very easy to get around.  Tanzania was easily the best for animals – overall saw something like 60 lions, cheetahs (including a kill), about half a dozen Leopards, some very close up experiences with elephants in a few of countries (one at night in Zimbabwe on my own which was unforgettable – I came down off a hide and a huge one wandered in while I was on the ground – was a 20metre stand-off for about 5 minutes – unforgettable).  Had big storms roll in over the Serengeti out of season which was fantastic to see over the plains.  Cape town rocked – it was a good place to finish up from the last tour.

 Adrenalin sports – Sharkdiving, dune motorbikes, 200m+ bungees, whitewater, helicopters – I think I covered everything.  Special mention to Jinja, Uganda – horse riding and fishing with some local lads for a few days was something I won’t forget.  Rugby tests were great – Wallabies fell over at the end of theirs in Cape Town, but the All Black test in Joburg was a classic.

 In terms of feedback – I camped the whole time and had no issues.  It was definitely an ‘adventure ‘, so there were hiccups and things along the way as to be expected and forewarned.  I enjoyed the whole time though and these things were never an inconvenience to me, and certainly out of the hands of the guides.  There was a big difference in comfort expectations from accommodated vs camping folk as I’m sure you’d know.  Sunway were great – all camping and probably the best of the tourist groups.  Nomad were also great.  The first 2 Nomad tours had the same guides and they were a lot of fun.  The last Nomad tour had a cranky cook but my experience in hospitality tells me most chefs are a bit loony + his cooking was excellent so all forgiven!

 And of course your service was A1 and I’ll keep pointing people in your direction.  Take care.  Dave