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Welcome to Swagman Tours!

Swagman Tours has been offering unique itineraries and unbeatable value for 28 years.  We started out offering camping tours in the Australian outback, but we have expanded our portfolio to create five distinct departments each with their own specialty:

Swagman Africa can help you plan anything, anywhere in Africa… it may be a holiday, business trip or conference;  an overland journey privately or with Sunway Safaris or Nomad Africa Adventures, camping or in lodges;  a game lodge retreat, a city immersion or island escapes. Our extensive personal experience in and around Africa will help make the most of your opportunities there.

Our Farm Tours offer a unique way to see the world – join our escorts to gain insights into different farming methods and technology, exploring behind the scenes while experiencing the local sightseeing highlights as well.

Swagman India is our newest venture, offering you the chance to discover a world rich in colour, culture, history and wildlife on guide-assisted independent itineraries.  Complementary discoveries exist in the other sub-continent countries Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Sikkim and Nepal.

Swagman Tours’ Global Groups Consultants also create and coordinate for you the ideal general or special-interest sightseeing trip anywhere in the world, from needlework tours in the United Kingdom to a musical pilgrimage through Northern America.  You can find these exclusive tours under our Specials banner.  Join one of our tours or ask us to help you create your own!

The reintroduction of a full Swagman Australia programme recently has been very successful.  With the decreasing buying power of the Australian dollar in countries inextricably linked with the US currency, these local tours have been designed to showcase the sensational highlights in what is essentially our own (huge) backyard, at a very affordable price.

Swagman Tours has competitive holiday airfares to combine with your arrangements which usually allow you time and flexibility while planning your trip.  Book through your friendly travel agent or with us directly, the choice is yours.  We have ATAS accreditation to give you peace of mind in knowing that you are dealing with a reliable and experienced travel business entity.

As a result of our popular groups department and the frequency of certain travel routes grows, we have newly-created a selection of Middle-East adventures which can be used as stopovers or complete destination arrangements – type DUBAI into the search box above and have a look!

Swagman Tours staff have the passion, skill and experience – from camping to 5-star luxury, escorted tours to independent travel, from the cheeses of Tasmania to the gorillas of Rwanda – to help you choose the right safaris, activities, houseboats, trains, tents, hotels and lodges to create for you the best holiday you’ll ever have!

Making African Travel Dreams a Reality… The Swagman Team

We have a variety of safaris to suit all budgets. For example, our Cape Town to Victoria Falls camping tour costs less than $70 per day which includes most meals and is fantastic value for money.  Our game lodge stays are perfect for quick getaways, and are also well-suited to conferences and meetings.  We have expanded our portfolio to provide repeat clients with new and exciting alternatives, so although Africa is our major focus, now we host and organise arrangements all over the world to suit your needs.


In the Beginning

Swagman Tours was formed in 1986 by Pat Mangan, one vehicle and a desire to see the Birdsville races.  Pat organised the holiday for a group of friends, decided it was fun and added new routes; over the years, word spread about Swagman’s unique itineraries and unbeatable value.  For many years Swagman successfully conducted camping safaris to every remote corner of Australia using a range of vehicles to suit the terrain.  In an effort to offer clients new options, Swagman introduced overland tours in Southern Africa and farm study tours to all corners of the world.  Steadily, Swagman Tours grew their portfolio, continuing to provide Australians and New Zealanders with a vast array of touring options throughout Africa, covering all budgets.  The focus no longer remains on overlanding but on offering a broad range of products that are reliable and sure to thrill, showcase and enhance the amazing continent of Africa. Pat has semi retired,  escorting the occasional Swagman group tour.


Swagman Tours logo-RGB

Swagman Tours’ logo was chosen to complement the company’s core values – Experience, Discover, Explore.  The feet represent the desire for our tours to have a light environmental and social impact whilst also indicating the desire to go ‘walkabout’ to satisfy the most innate curiosity.  The Africa division features a logo with silhouetted map of the continent, and within Africa is Mauritius with its own starfish logo; Farming has sheafs of wheat, Global Groups has an Earth symbol, and the latest product department is Swagman India, its logo a stylised silhouette of the iconic Taj Mahal.  We invite you and your friends, family and colleagues, to experience our passion, our service, our insights, to enjoy your journeys of discovery.swagman-logos