Navigating the Covid-19 Situation

30 June 2020

Three months of no income, and staring down another three – or more – what an apparent disaster!  But there have been silver linings on the clouds of doom…  So many of our clients have deferred their bookings to next year, it’s been uplifting to postpone arrangements rather than to cancel.  We’re excited to have broadened our Australia Portfolio, so that when the borders drop for ‘safe’ countries we’re ready to send you to New Zealand, Fiji, Papua New Guinea or the Solomon Islands!  We’ve tidied the office and our homes; we’ve learned to look every day for something beautiful in nature, no matter how small; and, in our house anyway, we have a family activity every evening, even if it is as simple as watching Netflix together.  Good health is paramount, and we hope you are your family and friends are practising safe habits, to ensure we can all travel again soon!  The best news is that most of our suppliers are offering 2020 rates for travel throughout 2021, so we can use this time on our hands to plan the very best itinerary for any destination we offer so YOU can enjoy it to the fullest!