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For Questions and Answers – things like What To Pack? Is my passport in order? Do I really need to read all this pre-travel documentation? – your travel agent and their suppliers, like us, are well-equipped to provide intelligent and useful tour information.

Travel is exciting, and it can also be daunting, there’s no doubt about it.  Seasoned and novice travellers alike need to review their documents and instructions prior to travel, because once you get on that plane, you are committed – there’s no turning back to get that camera, that sleeping bag, that travel insurance… No problem or issue is insurmountable;  it just gives you peace of mind knowing that you are as organised as you can be, so there are fewer chances of things getting complicated.

Tour information: Travel documents
Travel essentials… passport, pen, camera/phone, travel vouchers, health certificates, charging cords, reading glasses

Before you pay for your arrangements, look at the DFAT website – Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade – and specifically, the smartraveller section where you can check the travel status of the countries you are considering visiting. Most insurance companies will not cover you for mishaps if you go to areas which the government has advised specifically to avoid. You can also register your itinerary, so the government knows where to start looking for you if something goes wrong locally or you fail to arrive home at the intended time.

Passports, visas, payments – the procedure is very straightforward and your agent is there to help you choose from many alternatives for insurance, flights, tours, accommodation, transport and so on. – they are your one-stop shop for tour information.  There is nothing like first-hand knowledge and experience – do not trust everything you read on the internet, and remember that satisfied customers tell their friends but rarely publish their praise.  It can takes hundreds of hours to sift through internet pages in order to make what you hope is an informed decision; some descriptions are accurate, some are not, some agencies are safe, some are not, cloaked in internet invisibility…… So save yourself the time and worry and place the responsibility of your holiday fairly and squarely in the lap of someone who not only knows what they are doing (or at least consults someone like us) but who can also save you when things go wrong, before or during your trip…

Under the menu options, we have provided links to a few helpful reference sites for your information but please remember to ask your agent’s advice.  Agents love travel, have probably done a lot of it, they certainly don’t work as agents for the money (still notoriously low pay because of the perceived and real travel perks) and they are there to help you make the most of your travel experience!

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