Travel Visas for Africa & the World


What is a travel visa?

Travel visas can be confusing. Here is a simple rundown on what to expect…

You will receive in your passport an ink stamp or a sticker as you enter and leave each country you visit.  Some visas are small, others fill a whole page, and these stamps and their requirements can change without notice.  They usually stamp the actual entry-visa on departure but if you re-enter, you may need another full page.  We advise that you allocate 2 pages per country, including Australia.  Australia will give you ink stamps in and out too, possibly using previously Aust-stamped pages.  Do check your blank-page count carefully since some specific pages are not allowed to be stamped.

As a conservative guide, passports need to be valid for 6 months AFTER the intended date of departure from many countries. Please consult us for advice if your passport is almost full – some countries’ passport validity-requirements differ, and may affect the determination of the latest validity date required.

The recent trend is for countries to create an online visa application process which must be completed, with a processing fee. Approved online applications are like permission slips – on arrival into the country you produce your confirmation receipt and they will stamp your passport as you arrive into the country.  It is not a guarantee but we haven’t heard of any knock-backs yet. This procedure is standard for Kenya, Uganda, India and Sri Lanka, and, most recently, Tanzania. Check below for direct links to these online applications.

Quick guide: for visa info, complete this form and organise your own visa/visas, or call us and we can organise it/them for you. Please note this form does not offer the online-application facility but still relies on collection of passport and manual visa entry.

We recommend you research each country’s documentation requirements for your own personal circumstances.

How much do visas cost?

Prices listed here are a guide for single-entry tourist visas for a minimum stay, unless otherwise noted, and are subject to change.
Please check the relevant country’s website for the most recent information.
Generally, you are responsible for obtaining your own visas, however we have a visa courier service and can assist, if required, with obtaining pre-travel visas. 


Free tourist visa issued on arrival for stays up to thirty days in:

Botswana – ink stamps
Mauritius – ink stamps
South Africa – ink stamp, they ask for 3 blank pages
.                     Passport validity: 30 days
.                     IMPORTANT: Travelling with children?  ALL children under 18 need to carry a birth certificate, AND must also carry proof of permission to travel from any parent not travelling with them.
.                    Click here for documents required

Tourist visa may be obtained for a cash fee on arrival in:

Comores Islands – USD50
Madagascar –
EUR35 – no photos required
.                         You may also get a visa from the Sydney Consulate prior to travel for AUD80.
Mozambique – USD70 – full-page sticker
.                         A visa on arrival is usual but unfortunately not guaranteed.
.                          We recommend you try to make time to obtain this visa in South Africa (Pretoria) en-route to Mozambique, to save time and stress at the border.
Zambia** – USD50 single or transit / USD 80 double or multi /USD20 day tripper
.                – Passport validity: 6 months
Zimbabwe** – USD30 single / USD45 double / USD55 multi
.               – full-page sticker
.                – Passport validity: 6 months
.                – Visas available from Canberra: $80 single / $100 double

** KAZA UNIVISA allowing free cross-border travel
between Zambia & Zimbabwe should be available @ USD50 at major points of entry only: LVI, LUN, VFA, HRE & Vic Falls Bridge & Kazungula, on arrival. Valid for 30 days, it allows for Zim-Zam cross-border travel and day trips into Botswana at no extra cost.  Sometimes the Univisa paperwork is not available, be prepared to pay regular single or double-entry country visas.

Tourist visa must be applied for prior to travel from Australia for:

Egypt – AUD60
Ethiopia – AUD52 for single entry, up to 30 days – evisa online
Ghana – AUD140
Kenya# – USD51 – obtain eVisa online here or AUD75 from Kenyan High Commission in Canberra

.                   FAQ page is very useful
Malawi – USD100 – Passport validity 6 months
.                    Apply online
Rwanda# – USD50 for a 30-day T2 tourist visa granted on arrival  New 01Jan18
.                    – EAC multi-country# USD100 on arrival
– AUD95 – pre-approval preferred locally
.                   large ink stamp
.                   may be obtained on arrival at some entry points
.                  NEW online e-Visa to determine approval
.                  try this link  TANZANIA E-VISA
Uganda# – AUD150 TBC for single entry Uganda or East Africa combo
.                  To be obtained from Canberra prior to travel .
.        !vstc1=visa

#NEW MULTI-COUNTRY EAST AFRICA VISA ‘EAC’ for Uganda, Rwanda, & Kenya – exists in conjunction with online visas from each separate country’s consulate – apply to the country of arrival, eg. cost is AUD110 from the Kenyan Embassy in Canberra, on application.

Tourist visa must be applied in person at an embassy or consulate en-route, for:

Angola – USD150
Democratic Republic of Congo – USD150


Ask us for specific requirements regarding:
Argentina – Tourists can stay for up to 90 days without a visa

Canada – Apply online for ETA, cost CAD7
European Union – no visa required
India  –  Visa online facility – price varies with  season & duration, click here
.         – see

New Zealand – Visa granted on arrival for tourism up to 90 days
Oman – Tourist visa required, apply online within 1 month of travel, cost is approx AUD200. You need to upload a photo no larger than 512MB.
.              –
Sri Lanka – visa online facility USD35 for 30 days travel,
.         – see
United Arab Emirates – Visa granted on arrival for tourism up to 30 days
United Kingdom
United States of America – Apply online for ESTA, free

Any other country not listed here

 Feedback welcome from recent travellers –  help keep our information current and tell us your cross-border stories!