What can I bring home?

What can I bring home?

Australian Customs, Quarantine and Immigration rules have changed.

There are exceptions but, as a general rule, to avoid problems with Customs and Quarantine,
we advise that you DO NOT bring home to Australia :

*Over AUD900 worth of purchases per adult or AUD450 per child under 12
*Drugs;   and remember, what may be legal over-the-counter in one country may not be legal here
*Dirty boots/shoes (brush off all excess soil before you leave your final destination)
*Grass/leaves or products made from these (eg. raffia hats, platters, toys)
*Wooden products (especially rough-edged, hand-crafted bowls, toys)
*Leather, fur, feathers, horn and bone products
*All dairy, honey, fruit, vegetable, meat, animal and open-packaged food
*Any other food that is not sold in mechanically-sealed new packaging/jars/containers
*More than one opened, and one unopened, packet of cigarettes (official limit is now 25g or 25 cigarettes but they will allow an open packet as well)
*More than 2.25 litres of any alcohol
*Firearms, weapons, imitation weapons
*Any terrorist material or pornographic material

This is only a summary of the most common items – please click here for more details.

Here is a copy of a typical Australian incoming arrivals card –

You can check the most up-to-date INCOMING requirements and exceptions by clicking  HERE.

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