What to pack?


“PACK LIGHT” is every expert’s advice…
… but what are those essential items you need?

The Swagman staff were each asked which one item they would never travel without, so we could create for you the essential travel packing list:

1. Smartphone – not necessarily to keep in touch – it’s a handy pocket-sized clock with alarm, torch, and camera.
Free wi-fi is widespread and handy for quick travelogue updates for family and friends.
2. Charging cord/s and/or power bank for above and possibly a separate digital camera.
3. Sunglasses – for glare whether the sun is out or not and, if they have bling, for a quick glamorous headband.
4. Insect repellent – you’ll never know if, when and who those critters will feast on – don’t let it be you.
5. Light waterproof jacket, preferably with a hood – to repel the elements in all climates.
6. Sarong – it’s a towel/skirt/dress/sunshade/light blanket/tarpaulin/cushion/pillow/cleaning cloth all in one.
7. Sturdy & comfortable walking shoes for exploring – and game drive vehicles have been known to break down!…
8. Eyedrops, lip balm & nasal spray – ok, three items but small – to refresh and soothe in windy & drying conditions, inside & outdoors.
9. Laundry bag – to keep the fresh clothes fresh…
10. Travel card – loaded to access money for unexpected activities & emergency souvenirs 🙂

Other items of priority include binoculars; thongs, buff, chambray long-sleeved shirt, crushable easy-wash/wear dress/trousers, hair ties/scrunchies;  bathroom items;  basic first-aid kit with bandaids, antiseptic, tweezers;
and a Swagman Tours cap to top it all off.

Rule of Thumb:  if you can’t lift your bag, you’ve got too much!
Many small aircraft have bag limits as low as 12kg per person, so please ask us for guidance.

CABIN BAGGAGE is generally limited on commercial airlines to 5-7kg per person and should ideally contain two black/blue-ink pens;  document wallet for passports and vouchers;  a book, journal and/or magazine for long or unexpected waiting times;  hand sanitiser;  tissues or wipes;  gum/mints or barley-sugars;  a complete change of clothes (or underclothes at the very least) in case of lost luggage;  local emergency contacts.  All medicines, perfumes, gels must each be under 100ml and must be sealed in a zip-lock plastic bag.

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