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Tours:  in Africa 

At Swagman Tours, our major focus is on providing excellent service and first-hand advice for travel arrangements to Africa.  We know our suppliers personally, and together we will help you create the perfect holiday – for you. The right activities, the right standards, the right price.

We have three separate brochures of tours and ideas. The first is Swagman Africa, a collection of products addressing the primary, and also the hidden, highlights across tourist Africa. Treat this brochure as a starting point for your exploration: there is far more to see than what we can possibly publish in one brochure!

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Swagman Tours are proudly the Australian sales agents for two reputable African touring companies, Sunway Small-Group Safaris and Nomad African Adventures, and our brochures outline the itineraries and prices of hundreds of tours offered during the course of the year at prices that are sure to please.

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Tours:  Elsewhere

We also co-ordinate unique itineraries for special-interest groups, often escorted by well-known personalities, travelling to various world-wide destinations. We continue to offer exclusive Farm Study tours, where you can take a look behind the scenes of industry as well as enjoy the major sightseeing highlights, of countries all over the world. And we have just opened our booking lines for our newest destinations: India,  & the Middle East (Dubai).

Here are a few of the different types of tours you can take, click further to find more…


Tours of Africa

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